What Are Operational Support Systems (OSS)?

Operational Support Systems (OSS) are essential building blocks of the typical operations in telecom industry. Technically computer systems, they are of paramount importance for telecommunications service providers.

Briefly Understanding OSS:

To a layperson, Operational Support Systems are the network systems that manage the entire telecom network and also support various procedures like arranging services, handling network inventory, configuring network constituents, and dealing with the faults. On the whole, Operational Support System (OSS) covers below-mentioned application areas:

  •    Network management systems
  •    Execution of the service
  •    Service fulfillment which typically includes network record,            activation and provisioning
  •    Billing management
  •    Configuration Management
  •    Traffic Data Analysis
  •    Customer care
  •    Service assurance
  •    Performance Management

Structural Design Of OSS

A huge amount of work on Operational Support System is particularly focused on identifying its structural design which consists of four key elements:

  •     Processes: They involve the sequences of varied events.
  •     Data: It is specifically the information which has to be assessed for the execution of action.
  •     Applications: The elements that apply processes so as to manage data.
  •     Technology: It is the way how applications are put into practice.

Features Of Operational Support Systems:

  •     OSS is the efficient network system to handle the management of inventory, subscriber acquisition and billing management. By using it, more effective customer service can be delivered in real time.
  •     It competently supports all kinds of business models such as Postpaid, Prepaid, Lifeline ETC and Hybrid models.
  •     OSS is advanced system that screens duplicate or ineligible subscribers.

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