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  • Sachin


    " Before joining Primebit Solution I was nervous and scared of Technology and Software Development.But within a week i saw a drastic change in me.I see a huge improvement in my Technical and Inter-personal skills. "

  • Hemant


    " The course was structured with well thought out progression. The course started very simple and by the end of the course. "

  • Gunjan


    " Really enjoyed the class and learnt way over my head but working on getting more information as the classes touched on some very interesting. "

  • Ram


    " The training methodology at Primebit Solutionis really brilliant! It has made my fundamentals so clear that I can hardly wait to get working and put my learning into practice.

5G Telecom Training

Module 1   :  5G N/W Requirements and Design

·         Limitation of 4G and challenges for 5G

·         Capacity and higher data rate

·         QOE (Quality of Experience)

·         Spectrum

·         mMIMO(Massive multiple Input –Multiple Output)

·         Device to Drive Communication

·         Reduced Protocol Overhead

·         Hydrogenous cell Architecture

·         Network function Visualization

Module 2   :  5G Software controlled Architecture

·         Software in Radio access Network

·         Software in mobile edge network

·         Software in transport network

·         5G protocol stack Architecture

·         Security in 5G Software Network

·         Radio Access protocol in cloud RAN

Module 3:  5G Hardware Network Architecture 5G Cloud RAN

·         Network Architecture Evolution from 4G to 5G

·         End to End Network slicing

·         5G  ---Cloud RAN

o   Cloud RAN Advantage

o   Advance Cloud RAN Architecture

o   Cloud RAN and 5g

o   Functional split of Cloud RAN (real time) RT and NRT spilt

o   MultiRAT architecture for 4G /5G cloud RAN

o   Distributed RAN

o   Virtualization RAN

·         Fixed Network


o   Heterogeneous access domain

o   Flexible metro domain

o   Integrations of access ,metro core Technologies


Module 4: 5G Data flow channels and channel coding

·         Logical Channel

·         Transport Channel

·         Physical Channel

·         UL Mapping Of channels

·         DL- mapping of Channels

·         Channel coding

·         Multiplexing

·         Interleaving

Module 5:   5G Physical layer Design

·         Frame structure

·         Slot structure and physical recourses

·         Reference signal

o   UE specific reference signal XPDSCH

o   UE  Specific Reference signal XPDCCH

o   CSI reference Signal

o   Beam Reference signal

o   Demutualization reference signal

·         Synchronization signal

o   Primary Synchronization signal

o   Secondary synchronization signal

o   Extended synchronisation signal

·         5G Modulation


            QPSK—64 QAM


·         Physical channel 

o   Uplink XPUSCH, Uplink  XPUCCH, Uplink XPRACH


·         Downlink  Physical channel


o   XPBCH and Extended PBCH


·         Mapping of channel to resource element



Module 6 : Physical Layer Procedure

·         Synchronization procedure

·         Beam Forming Procedure

·         Power Control Procedure

·         Physical Random Access Procedure

Module 7:  5G MAC   Layer Design

·         Comparison of 5G MAC with UMTS and LTE MAC

·         5G – MAC Architecture

·         5G –MAC Service

·         5G – MAC  Function

·         Mapping of Transport  channel and logical channel

Module 8:  5G MAC layer procedures

·         5G Random  Access Procedure

·         XDLSCH  Data Transfer

·         XULSCH  Data Transfer

·         Beam management

·         5G ---MAC Protocol Data Unit

·         5G---MAC format

·         5G---MAC Parameter

Module 9:  5G RLC Layer Design

·         Compare LTE , RLC and 5G RLC

·         5G---RLC Architecture

·         Model  of 5G-RLC sub layer

·         RLC mode

·         5G --RLC  service

·         5G –RLC function

·         Data available for transmission

Module 10:  5G RLC procedures

·         Data  transfer Procedure

·         ARQ  Procedure

·         SDU Discard procedure

·         Reestablishment  Procedure

·         5G—RLC protocol  data Unit

·         5G RLC  Formats and Parameter

Module 11: 5G PDCP layer design

·         Compare 5G PDCP with LTE and  UMTS  PDCP

·         5G PDCP  Architecture

·         5G PDCP Service

·         5G Function

·         Data Available for Transmissions

Module 12:  5G PDCP layer Procedure

·         5G PDCP Data Transfer procedure

·         5G PDCP States Report

·         5G PDCP Discard

·         Ciphering and Deciphering

·         Integrity  Protection  and  Verification

·         5G  PDCP Protocol data Unit

·         5G PDCP Format

·         5G  PDCP Parameters

Module 13:  RRC layer Design

·         RRC layer Architecture

·         RRC States

·         Signalling radio bearers

·         5G –RRC services

·         5G—RRC function

Module 14: RRC layer procedures

·         Broadcast system information

·         RRC connection management

·         RRC connection reconfiguration

·         RRC connection Reestablishment

·         RRC connection release

·         RRC measurement procedure

·         5G- RRC Protocol data unit

Module 15: NAS Layer

·         Mobility Management

·         Session Management function

·         5G-NAS State

·         5G- NAS MM Protocol

·         5G- NAS  SM Protocol

Module 16:  5G-Variable, Timer and Constant

·         5G-MAC Variable, timer and constant

·         5G-RLC Variable, timer and constant

·         5G-PDCP Variable, timer and constant

·         5G-RRC Variable, timer and constant

Module 17:  5G-Security design

·         5G Security Network Architecture

·         Domains in 5G security

·         5G  Security software architecture

·         Stratum

·         Security control class(SCC)

·         Security Realm(SR)

·         5G-Security methods



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