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EPC, IMS and VoLTE Training

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  • Sachin


    " Before joining Primebit Solution I was nervous and scared of Technology and Software Development.But within a week i saw a drastic change in me.I see a huge improvement in my Technical and Inter-personal skills. "

  • Hemant


    " The course was structured with well thought out progression. The course started very simple and by the end of the course. "

  • Gunjan


    " Really enjoyed the class and learnt way over my head but working on getting more information as the classes touched on some very interesting. "

  • Ram


    " The training methodology at Primebit Solutionis really brilliant! It has made my fundamentals so clear that I can hardly wait to get working and put my learning into practice.

 Course Name : EPC, IMS & VoLTE Testing

 Deployment Options : Classroom/ Live Online (Instructor led)

 Course Duration : 45 days



 Course Contents


 Module 1: Introduction to LTE & EPC Architecture


  • LTE Frame Architecture

  • LTE Frequency band and Resource Allocation

  • LTE and SAE architecture

  • Detailed EPC architecture including MME, SGW, PGW, APN, HSS and PCRF and their interfaces

  • LTE Roaming architecture

  • UE and Network Identities in LTE

  • End to End LTE and EPC protocol stack explanation

  • EPC testing strategies

  • Virtual Evolved Packet Core and Call Simulation


 Module 2: Bearer Management in LTE

  • EPS bearer

  • Default and dedicated EPS bearer

  • E-RAB

  • Data Radio Bearer, S1-bearer, S5-bearer

  • Signaling Radio Bearer

  • End to End Signaling and Traffic flow


 Module 3: Quality of Service, Policy and Charging

  • QoS parameters and Service Data Flow

  • Charging parameters

  • PCC Architecture and Software protocols

  • PCC Rules

  • Session Management Signaling procedure

  • Data transport in EPC

  • Charging and Billing


 Module 4: Session Intitiation Protocol (SIP)

  • SIP architecture

  • Components in SIP

  • SIP Commands

  • SIP Request

  • SIP Response

  • Types of responses

  • Call dialing Transaction

  • SIP Message flow

  • SIP Headers

  • Log analysis with Wireshark

  • Session Description Protocol (SDP)


 Module 5: Real-time Transfer Protocol (RTP)

  • Components of RTP

  • Application of RTP

  • Mixer

  • Translator

  • Packet structure of RTP

  • RTP header

  • Synchronization

  • RTCP

  • Types of RTCP packets


 Module 6: Diameter Protocol

  • Improvement of diameter over radius

  • Message structure and message flow

  • AVP structure and peer discovery

  • Capability Negotiation

  • Connection Establishment

  • Diameter agents

  • Diameter peer connection and disconnection

  • Message Processing

  • Security

  • Address format and Diameter Error

  • Diameter session and session states

  • Authorization Session

  • IMS Diameter Protocol


 Module 7: Circuit Switched Fallback Procedure in LTE

  • System architecture for CSFB

  • Attach procedure for CSFB

  • Delivery of Voice and Text message in CSFB

  • Mobility Management in CSFB

  • Call Originating and Terminating procedure in CSFB


 Module 8: Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC)

  • SRVCC Architecture

  • Attach, registration and Call setup procedure

  • Handover preparation

  • Handover execution and completion


 Module 9: IMS Architecture, Interfaces and Protocols

  • CSCF (Call Session Control Function)

  • S-CSCF (Serving CSCF)

  • I-CSCF (Interrogating CSCF)

  • P-CSCF (Proxy CSCF)

  • HSS (Home Subscriber Server)

  • SLF (Subscription Locator Function)

  • PDF (Policy Decision Function)

  • AS (Application Server)

  • MGCF (Media Gateway Control Function)

  • MGW (Media Gateway)

  • BGCF (Breakout Gateway Control Function)

  • IM-SSF (IP Multimedia Service Switching Function)

  • MRFC (Media Resource Function Controller)

  • MRFP (Media Resource Function Processor)

  • IBCF (Interconnection Border Control Function)

  • MRB (Media Resource Broker)

  • TrGW (Translation Gateway)

  • Defining IMS related Interface

  • SIP and Diameter in IMS


 Module 10: IMS Charging and Security

  • Charging Architecture

  • Online Charging

  • Offline Charging

  • PCC Rules

  • Charging Functions

  • Session Charging Function (SCF)

  • Bearer Charging Function (BSF)

  • Event Charging Function (ECF)

  • Subscriber Content Charging Function (SCCF)

  • Content Provider Charging Function (CPCF)

  • Charging Principles

  • Security Administration


 Module 11: IMS Identity

  • Identification of User’s device

  • Identification of Network entities

  • IMS Public User Identity (IMPU)

  • IMS Private User Identity (IMPI)

  • Subscription requirements


 Module 12: Service Provision in the IMS

  • Service profiles

  • Media feature tag

  • The multimedia telephone service for IMS


 Module 13: IMS Protocols and Headers

  • SIP

  • SIP Request

  • SDP

  • SIP Response

  • SigComp (Signaling Compression)

  • RTP and RTCP

  • IMS headers


 Module 14: IMS Client Related Security

  • Security Association between user agent and P-CSCF

  • Security Association between ISIM and HSS


 Module 15: IMS Signaling Procedures

  • PDN Connectivity (NAS Signaling)

  • Authentication

  • Bearer setup and EPS Attach

  • P-CSCF Discovery

  • Registration

  • Event Subscription

  • VoLTE incoming call signaling

  • VoLTE outgoing call signaling

  • VoLTE call release call signaling

  • ViLTE (Video over LTE)

  • Emergency call architecture and signaling

  • Delivery of SMS


 Module 16: IMS Centralized Service

  • IMS Centralized Service


 Module 17: IMS Signaling with LTE Femtocell Network

  • LTE based femtocell

  • LTE advance based femtocell

  • IMS Femtocell Integration System Architecture

  • Session establishment signaling in femtocell




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