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  • Sachin


    " Before joining Primebit Solution I was nervous and scared of Technology and Software Development.But within a week i saw a drastic change in me.I see a huge improvement in my Technical and Inter-personal skills. "

  • Hemant


    " The course was structured with well thought out progression. The course started very simple and by the end of the course. "

  • Gunjan


    " Really enjoyed the class and learnt way over my head but working on getting more information as the classes touched on some very interesting. "

  • Ram


    " The training methodology at Primebit Solutionis really brilliant! It has made my fundamentals so clear that I can hardly wait to get working and put my learning into practice.

LET Protocol Testing Training:

Prime Bit Solutions is the perfect place for obtaining excellent and cost-effective LTE Training as per the current industrial standards. Once you associate with us, we will provide you with LTE Protocol Testing Training that is inclusive of the following contents:

  • Introduction to Long Term Evolution (LTE)
  • Network Architecture
  • LTE Protocol Stack Architecture
  • LTE Identification and Pool Area
  • LTE Channels
  • LTE IP Address allocation
  • Connectivity of LTE with Wi-Fi
  • LTE Security and Authentication
  • LTE QoS and EPS bearer
  • Selection Procedure
  • LTE Voice
  • IMS with MPS
  • MBMS in LTE
  • LTE offloading function
  • NAS Layer and Procedures
  • RRC Layer and Procedures
  • Physical Layer and MAC Layer Procedures
  • RLC ,PDCP layer  and its procedure
  • LTE Mobility VOLTE

You can rely on us for getting the best LTE Protocol Development Training in the industry. You can join our LTE Testing Training at any time of the year. So, call us now. 

 Course Name                        :                LTE Protocol Corporate Training

 Deployment Options            :                Online/classroom (Instructor-Led Training)
 Course Duration                   :                1 Month


                                                                Course Outline


 Module 1:                                           Introduction to LTE Protocol Testing Training
  • Mobile broadband and core network evolution
  • Origin of Evolved Packet Core
  • 3GPP Radio Access Technology
  • 3GPP2 Radio Access Technology
  • System Architecture Evolution
 Module 2:                                           Network Architecture
  • EPS architecture and its components
  • Interworking between LTE and WCDMA/HSPA
  • Interworking between 3GPP and non 3GPP technologies
  • LTE Network reference model
  • LTE Interfaces
  • Support for broadcast in LTE network
  • LTE protocol stack architecture
  • LTE roaming architecture
 Module 3:                                           LTE Protocol Stack Architecture
  • Control plane and user plane protocol stack on
    • LTE Uu interface
    • X2 interface
    • S1 MME interface
    • S11/S5/S10 interface
    • S6a interface
    • Gx interface
    • Gy interface
    • Gz interface
  • User plane protocol stack on
    • LTE Uu interface
    • S1 interface
    • S5 interface
  • Traffic flow in LTE network
  • Extensible Authentication Protocol
  • Protocol format and structure
  • Dual protocol stack operation
  • Diameter protocol
  • Diameter message format
 Module 4:                                           LTE Identification and Pool Area
  • UE and MME ID
  • Network element ID
  • Location ID
  • Session bearer ID
  • Tracking area
  • MME pool area
  • Serving Gateway pool area                                                
 Module 5:                                           LTE Channels
  • Frame structure
  • Logical channel
  • Transport channel
  • Physical channel
  • Channel mapping
  • Channel structure
  • Physical signal
 Module 6:                  LTE IP Address allocation
  • The IP connection
  • The PDN connectivity service
  • IP address in LTE
  • Types of IP address allocation in LTE
    • Static IP address procedure with signaling
    • Dynamic IP address procedure with signaling
 Module 7:                                           Connectivity of LTE with Wi-Fi
  • Access network and discovery selection
  • Wi-Fi network architecture
  • Handover
  • Tunneling technology for Mobile network
  • Authentication and Security
  • IP allocation
  • IP mobility mode selection
  • Traffic Selection
 Module 8:                     LTE Security and Authentication
  • Security concepts and procedures
  • Security services
  • Security domain
  • Network access security
  • Network domain security
  • Closed Subscriber Group (CSG)
  • Device authentication
  • Hosting party authentication
  • Location verification


 Module 9:                                           LTE QoS and EPS bearer
  • QoS in e-UTRAN
  • SDF, EPS bearer and default bearer
  • QoS parameters for EPS bearer
  • QoS during interworking of LTE with GERAN/UTRAN
  • PCC decision, PCC rule and QoS rule
  • Network v/s Terminal initiated QoS control
  • Application detection and control
  • Usage monitored control
  • Policy decision based on subscriber traffic limit
  • QoS binding and binding lifetime extension
  • Update of binding
 Module 10:                                    Selection Procedure
  • Selection of MME
  • SGSN selection function for EPS
  • Serving Gateway selection
  • PDN Gateway selection
  • PCRF selection


 Module 11:                               LTE Voice, IMS with MPS
  • Voice service with IMS technology
  • MMTel and VoLTE
  • IMS centralized service (ICS)
  • Multiple priority selection (MPS)
  • CS fallback
  • Co-existence of CS fallback and VoLTE
  • EPS emergency bearer service for IMS emergency
 Module 12:                                         MBMS in LTE
  • LTE broadcasting
  • MBMS solution
  • MBMS user services
  • Mobile network architecture for MBMS
  • Interfaces and protocol stack for broadcast services
  • MBMS bearer service


 Module 13:                                         LTE offloading function
  • Offloading 3GPP RAN
  • MAPCON (Multi-access PDN Connectivity)
  • IFOM (IP Flow Mobility)
  • NSWO (Non Seamless WLAN offloading)
  • SIPTO (Selected IP Traffic offload)
  • LIPA (Local IP Access)


 Module 14:                                         NAS Layer and Procedures
  • NAS states and their transition
  • EPS Mobility Management and its proedure
    • Attach
    • Detach
    • Tracking area update
    • GUTI reallocation
    • Authentication
    • Security mode control
    • NAS message transport
  • EPS session management and procedure
  • Default EPS bearer context activation procedure
  • Dedicated EPS bearer context activation procedure
  • EPS bearer context modification
  • EPS bearer context deactivation
  • NAS message structure
 Module 15:                                         RRC Layer and Procedures
  • RRC states and its transition with NAS states
  • RRC states and its transition with UMTS RRC states
  • Procedures
    • RRC Connection Establishment
    • RRC Connection Release
    • RRC Connection Reconfiguration
    • RRC Connection Re-establishment
    • Paging
    • Measurement and its event
 Module 16:                                         Physical Layer and MAC Layer Procedures
  • Synchronization procedure
  • Power control
  • Measurement gap
  • Random access procedure
  • PDSCH procedure
  • PUCCH procedure
  • Timing advance procedure
  • Data flow in MAC layer
 Module 17:                                         RLC Layer
  • RLC modes of operation
  • Data flow in RLC layer


 Module 18:                                         LTE Mobility
  • Mobility management in idle state
  • Cell selection and cell reselection process
  • Handover measurement, frequency and delay
  • LTE handovers
    • X2 handover
    • S1 handover
    • Intersystem handover

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