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This course is designed for Engineers we also train basic knowledge in C Programming to Implement IoT Solutions.
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Goal of Course

Soft copy of all software used in the course
online and classroom training provided according to student convenience
Interview questions on IOT
100% Job Support
Instructor led training
IOT realtime project using Ardunio
IOT Training using Raspberry Pi
IOT Protocol Suite & Its Connectivity
Wireless IOT
Cloud Computing IOT
IOT Security concepts
Developing an IOT Project


Any Graduates who knows basics of Computers and programming
Who are having interest to learn IOT are also welcome

Introduction to IOT

What is IoT?

Why IoT?

Why do we need IoT?

History of IoT

IoT Architecture

How IoT Works?

High level data flow in IoT technical architecture

The Ardunio Platform

Ardunio open-micro controller platform. Ardunio Basics

Ardunio board layout & architecture

Introduction to various functions

Reading from sensors( real world data)

Programming fundamentals(c language)

Ardunio programming and interface of sensor

Interfacing sensors with Ardunio

Programming with Ardunio

IoT Gateways

Introduction to IoT Gateways

What is gateway? why its needed?

Three Stages of IoT

How to fetch the real world data or unique identity data?

How to store these in a gateway buffer or How to hold data?

How to pass the data on the network for controlling data via app.

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Features of Raspberry Pi

Interfacing with sensors

Python Programming

IoT Communication Protocols

Wired communication protocols: UART, SPI, I2C

Wireless communication protocols: Bluetooth, WiFi, overview of Zigbee and other IoT communication technologies and protocols (Coverage area, Frequency range and power usage.

Networking Protocols: OSI reference model, TCP/IP, Ethernet

Application protocols: HTTP, MQTT, TCP/IP

IoT Cloud Layer

Cloud and Cloud storage

Cloud characteristics

IoT cloud platforms

Concept & architecture of cloud

Role of cloud computing in IoT

Tools, API and platform for integration of IoT devices with cloud

IoT cloud platform and integration with gateway( Thingspeak, AWS IoT)

Developing Board

Raspberry Pi 3

Ardunio mega(ATMega 2560) with USB cable

ESP8266 Node McU

Eletronics Components

Sensors - DHT11, PIR, Ultrasonic Sensor, IR Proximity sensor

Switches - push buttons



Connecting leads

Communication Modules

Wifi ESP8266


IoT Projects

Project 1: Ardunio Voice Recognition via Bluetooth HC - 05.

Industry: Home Applications

Problem Statement: Controlling the home applications using voice commands. This projects has been done using Bluetooth communication protocols.

Project 2: LED control with IoT in a logistics company.

Industry: Logistics

Problem Statement: Logistics company wants to use IoT enabled LED light to monitor the movement of the goods within its ware house

Highlights: a)configuration of Raspberry Pi
b)Python code for lighting the LED
c)Connect Raspberry Pi board with python code

Project 3: Control LED light using Ardunio Mega 2560

Industry: Garbage monitoring system

Problem Statement: This is a very innovative system which will help to keep the city clean. This system monitors the garbage bins and inform about the level of garbage collected in the garbage bins via a web page. This system uses ultrasonic sensors placed over the bins to detect the garbage level and compared it with garbage bins depth. The system makes use of Ardunio microcontroller , Wifi modem for sending data and a buzzer

Highlights: a)configuration of Ardunio Mega 2560
b)C language coding for Ultrasonic sensor.
c)connect Ardunio Mega board with C language code

Date Session Type Timing Price
June 02 - Aug 02 Online INR 40,000
June 02 - Aug 02 Week End Batch INR 40,000
June 02 - Aug 02 Class Room INR 40,000

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