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Who We Are

Web Development is one of the center administrations of Primebit Solutions. We represent considerable authority in building and movement to an interesting, secure, far-reaching customized web arrangements with a present-day outline and client encounter including B2B and B2C entryways, web-based business, corporate intranet gateways, items. Primebit has encountered web engineers and has done many web arrangements in the course of the most recent 6 years.

What We Do

We provide a full cycle of custom web development services including:
Generation/brainstorming of web solution vision and requirements
Architecture, security, web and user experience design
Solution implementation and QA under the most popular platforms & browsers
Migration from desktop to cloud-native web applications
3rd level maintenance

Goal of Course

Methodologies for composing asynchronous code.
Step by step instructions to set up a Node.js venture utilizing npm.
Step by step instructions to utilize the Node.js center modules.
The most effective method to utilize Express to set up a web server.
How to use EventEmitters and Streams
How to access the data in Node Js
Building APIs using Node JS
Creating WebService
Integrating Node Js with Mongo DB.
Integrating Node Js with MySQL.
How to integrate Node with Javascript.
Real time integration with Socket.IO



Node JS

Introduction to Node js

Working with Node js

simple node example

working with shrink-wrap

working with asynchronous programming

Building server

Building API's

File system

Buffers, streams and events

Multi processing

Introduction to Express js

Working with data

working with

processes and clusters

Express with MongoDb,SQLite

CURD operations

Error handling


Hosting Node

unit testing

Integration with frontend technologies

Date Session Type Timing
June 02 Online
June 02 Week End Online Batch
June 02 Class Room

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