Google Analytics Course

Who We Are

Digital Marketing and SEO is one of core services of Primebit Solutions. Primebit Solution is is India's leading Company that professionalizes in Digital Marketing Training.We provide exhaustive advanced Digital Marketing Training Programs catering to corporates,individuals and educational institutions.

What We Do

We provide a full cycle of Digital Marketing services including:
Generation/brainstorming of Digital Marketing vision and requirements
Make you expert in Keyword Searching techniquies that make your code rank good.
How to inetgrate SEO with your code and how to make your site secure.
3rd level maintenance

Goal of Course

Knowledge about Google Analytics.
How to use web analytics tools
Web Analytics and tools
Collecting google analytics data
How to report in google analytics
Working with reports.

Google Analytics

What is Web Analytics

Web analytics tools

What is Google analytics

Google analytics tools

Set up of Google analytics

Google analytics data collection and processing

Setting Data collection & configuration

Reporting in Google

How to improve usability

How to view reports

Date Session Type Timing
June 02 Online
June 02 - Aug 02 Week End online Batch
June 02 Class Room

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