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Prime bit Solution Provide Best Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad. It Offer Both Online and Classroom training. Google + is important marketing social media platform to direct communicate with group of Audience. According to ´┐ŻLarry page Google founder´┐Ż says , If a company not doing their regular post on Google + their local SEO will be if a customer is active on social media then there is a chance to get interact with them using Google + .

What We Do

We provide a complete Tutorial on Google + Marketing:
Importance Of Google + On Local SEO
How to Target Communication on Google+ Using perticular Group
How to Eng
Migration from desktop to cloud-native web applications
3rd level maintenance

Goal of Course

Including JavaScript in a Web page
Using the Document Object Model (DOM) to access the HTML elements on the page dynamically
Using JavaScript objects effectively, including the window object and the navigator object
Creating and using variables
Using event handlers to handle user-triggered events
Using regular expressions with string methods to perform basic validation
Working with primitive data types
Passing arguments to a function
Using conditional constructs and loops
Debugging JavaScript code
Using Geolocation and Web Storage JavaScript APIs
Working with JSON objects
Using Ajax to make asynchronous calls to a Web server

Google Plus Marketing

Introduction to Google Plus Marketing

creating our own Google plus page

How can we use Google plus for marketing

Marketing Techniques

Setting our profile

Tools used for Marketing

Targeted Audience

Increasing Traffic of our site by google plus

google plus tags that are used in our web site

Date Session Type Timing
June 02 Online
June 02 Week End Batch
June 02 Class Room

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