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Primebit Solution provides IOT training and also support online classes on IoT. We provide the best classroom training as well as online training for all. We give complete practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge to our students. We also provide kit and separate lab training session to get the complete knowledge of the subject. Practical knowledge of this IOT technology can be experienced in the lab sessions only.Primebit has experienced IOT trainers and has done realtime work experience over the last 7 years.

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We provide top most IOT Training in Hyderabad which including:
Online and classroom IOT Training is given by Real Time Industry Experts. Globally recognized certification is awarded to the candidates after the course completion.
Placement Oriented Training is offered to the students in this IOT Training in Hyderabad
IOT is the best technology where students have great career by opting training in the best IOT Training institution in Hyderabad.
This course is designed for Engineers we also train basic knowledge in C Programming to Implement IoT Solutions.
Best Python Programming Institute in Hyderabad who provide programming knowledge which is using in IOT development

Goal of Course

Soft copy of all software used in the course
online and classroom training provided according to student convenience
Interview questions on IOT
100% Job Support
Instructor led training
IOT realtime project using Ardunio
IOT Training using Raspberry Pi
IOT Protocol Suite & Its Connectivity
Wireless IOT
Cloud Computing IOT
IOT Security concepts
Developing an IOT Project


Any Graduates who knows basics of Computers and programming
Who are having interest to learn IOT are also welcome

Overview of IoT and High level Architecture.

What Is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Brief History and evolution of IoT

IoT Architecture and Protocols

Various Platform of IoT

Overview of IoT components and IoT Communication Technologies

Trends in the Adoption of IoT

IoT is Powerful and Pervasive

Societal Benefits of IoT

Risks, Privacy, and Security

Setting up IoT Workflow

Arduino Simulation Environment

Arduino Uno Architecture

Setup the IDE, Writing Arduino Software

Arduino Libraries

Advanced / Embedded C Programming

Basics of C:





Advanced C programming:




Deep dive into pointers

Pre-processor directives


Project environment - Creating & Building a project, Makefiles

Deep dive - Logic to program translation, Creating your own library, Dry-run

Data Structures

Basics of Embedded C programming for Arduino

Interfacing LED, push button and buzzer with Arduino

Interfacing Arduino with LCD

Micro-controller programming using Arduino platform

Overview of Embedded Systems

Components of Embedded Systems

Micro-controller Architecture and Properties

Installing and Setting up the Arduino development environment

Blinky Sketch � A walk through

Arduino Sketches


Sketch Structure


Arduino Shields

Hands-on working with GPIOs, Analog I/Os, Memory usage

Micro controller peripherals usage - Timers, Counters, Interrupts and its sources

Communication protocols I - UART, SPI, I2C, CAN

Interfacing IoT sensors and Actuators

Debug applications using Arduino IDE

Communication protocols II � Wired and Wireless communication

Ethernet Client Server Implementation

Build WiFi Application

Build Bluetooth Application

IoT Cloud Infrastructure

IoT cloud building blocks

Using the platform specific dashboards

Device configuration and addressing

IoT Platforms in detail

MQTT Server

Injection Engine

Time Series database

Rules Engine

Data monitoring, visualization and IoT Analytics

Rest API interface

Device Management

Application Service

Performance and Security in IoT

Benchmarking IoT applications and Platforms

MQTT vs HTTP performance

Security considerations

Firmware updates

Cryptography basics

Cryptography in IoT

Privacy considerations and design guidelines

Date Session Type Timing Price
June 02 - Aug 02 Online INR 40,000
June 02 - Aug 02 Week End Batch INR 40,000
June 02 - Aug 02 Class Room INR 40,000

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