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Primebit Solution has launched  Online 5g courses perfect for those looking to learn more about the latest and greatest mobile technology. Our trainers are real-time industry experts and offer high-quality online 5G training that is perfect for anyone looking to get up to speed on this exciting new frontier. Whether you’re a fresher or working professional looking to learn how to maximize your 5g potential or just someone who wants to stay ahead of the curve, our courses are perfect!

The next generation of mobile technology, 5G, will change how almost every corporation does business. It can be crucial for professionals in various industries, even those with little to do with engineering, to keep on top of the most recent 5G trends and technologies. For example, managers in virtually all sectors must understand how to incorporate 5G technology into their organizations’ plans and operations as more businesses start running their networks.

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    Are you looking for online telecommunication courses? Prime bit Solutions is a trusted institute that offers classroom and online telecom training courses for Freshers, Technical Students, OSS and BSS Engineers, Optimization Engineers, O&M Engineers, and Technical Support Engineers.

    At Prime bit Solutions, We offer world-class and industry-level telecommunication training to students and working professionals. Our experience and real-time industry experts offer telecom courses with real-time simulations and updated study material.

    Classroom and online telecom certification programs are very affordable and helpful to get success in the telecom domain.

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      5G Training Courses Offered By Primebit Solution


      5G Protocol Testing Course

      Students in the 5g Network Testing Certification Program gain knowledge of the technologies used in 5G core networks as well as testing procedures for various nodes, such as the Services Gateway (SeGW), Mobility Management Entity (MME), Home Subscriber Server (HSS), PCRF, DNS server, etc. After completing 5g protocol testing course, students can test round-trip call flows for various calls and messages using SS7/Diameter protocol stacks, including testing VoLTE call flows, SMS over SGs, and CSFB call flows. Emblems service setup call flows over S1 or X2 interface messages between MME and eNBs or SeGW and PDN GWs, respectively, by 3GPP standards.

      You can establish yourself as the company’s go-to expert for 5G protocol testing by enrolling in a 5G certification course. Interoperability testing for 5G will be possible, and any problems that may come up may be fixed. Additionally, you will learn what is necessary to build a lab and manage projects for 5G networks, enabling you to instruct others in this subject matter. The final benefit is testing new devices and ensuring they function correctly in your network environment.

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      5G Protocol Testing Training Courses

      5G Protocol Development Training

      Adapting 5G technology to the market’s needs and beyond involves delivering new applications and services in addition to the established ones offered by the first mobile networks, such as 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. The 5G Protocol Stack handles IPv6, IPsec, GTP, Ethernet, and other protocols and has an open architecture. The new protocol stack will also be able to send data over the internet through an application interface or some other method. The application, network, transport, and link layer comprise the 5G protocol stack. Every layer is built as a network of objects carrying out specific tasks. 

      The main goal of developing the 5G protocol stack is to build a system that can seamlessly integrate different radio access technologies (RATs), manage the connectivity between mobile devices and other network layers, and support multiple applications simultaneously with improved application layer functionality. The 5G protocol stack development team is in charge of producing the network layer (L1) and transport layer (L2) operations for the 5G core network protocols, mobile radio access network protocols, and fixed network protocols. The definition and creation of shared interfaces amongst the other 5 G-related activities will also fall under the purview of this team.

      5G Cloud Network Training

      The course aims to give participants a thorough grasp of the two most powerful technologies—Cloud and Virtualization—that will revolutionize and disrupt how networks and CSPs function in the 5G future.

      The Service-Based Architecture (SBA) is outlined in the 5G Core standard and was created specifically for implementing cloud-native 5G networks. More scalability and flexibility enable communication service providers to design and repeat network functionalities more quickly. Network slicing is made possible by cloud-native 5G, enabling service providers to adjust network performance to the unique service needs of their clients. Here, students learn the fundamentals of virtualization, cloud computing, and network element virtualization. Comparisons are made between the two major international projects; Software Defined Networking (SN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). It clarifies how NFV has tremendous potential to improve carrier and corporate network service delivery.

      5g protocol testing course
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      Advanced Level Protocol Testing

      You likely have a solid understanding of protocol testing, whether you work as a system designer, software developer, or integration tester. However, 5G will need more than just a limited range of old skills; it will also need fresh perspectives and knowledge. The majority of the students in this course are seasoned wireless experts.

      The Third Generation Partnership Project (3gpp), which is in charge of mobile technology standards, is already working through the protracted standardization process. Engineers from all over the world often connect online, in person, and on the 3gpp web platform. They are collaborating now so that when everything is prepared for use later this decade, there will be few glitches for field testing to iron out, reducing the risk for operators who have invested billions of dollars in the system. Manufacturers, service providers, and consumers have incredibly high stakes in this developing process. Thus, protocol testers have never had more responsibility or been better positioned for success than they are now and in the years to come as they engage with 5G technologies.

      Expert Level 5g N/W Protocol Stack Development

      The OWA layer, network layer, open transport layer, and application layer comprise the 5G protocol stack. OWA, or open wireless architecture layer, functions as the OSI stack’s physical and data connection layers. Data is routed from a source IP device to a target IP device or stack using the network layer. The open transport layer functions as a transport and session layer in the stack. The data is marked by the application layer using the correct format. It performs data encryption and decryption.

      The explanation of the 5G C plane and U plane protocols, the implementation of various Radio Access network slices, and all NR protocols are covered in this course on 5G protocols. These protocols perform security tasks, NAS message transmission, system dissemination of information, paging started by 5GC, etc.

      What is 5g technology

      Why Choose Us For 5g Classes

      Real Time Industry Experts For 5G Training

      The Primebit faculty is qualified to educate and has both practical experience and academic expertise. The best in the business experienced real-world trainers can be found at Primebit. We are the world’s innovators and influencers in the 5G and IoT world. 

      15+ Years in Training Industry

      Our training experts and professionals have more than 15 years of experience in IoT and Internet technology. We always make sure that their real-life experiences help our students understand the concepts better and in a practical way.

      100% Placement Assistance After 5G Courses 

      With the guidance of our industry experts and training professionals, we ensure that all our students are placed by the end of our courses. Our training and course certifications are widely valid in different sectors, which is an added advantage if you’re looking for jobs in your niche.

      Our Students Placed in MNCs

      With the help of our advanced courses, our students are placed in various MNCs such as Altran, NXP, Broadcom, Mirafra Technologies, Mavenir, Qualcomm, and Larsen & Toubro.

      Affordable Fees Structure

      We offer various types of 5g courses with different fee structures. Even with training and certification from professional experts, our fee structure is affordable for all our students. Courses can also be selected based on the fee structures you’re comfortable with, so you don’t have to worry about it later.

      Flexible Timing

      Since our courses and training are offered both in online and offline modes, we do offer flexible timing for all our students based on the courses that have been selected. Both online and offline methods will have flexible hours, so you don’t have to worry about time management in your job if you are a working professional.

      Benefits of 5G Certification Courses

      Learn advanced concepts of 5G

      You can learn advance 5G concepts by enrolling 5g online certification course. 
      The next generation of 5G technology is 5G-Advanced. It will enable a more excellent range of sophisticated use cases for verticals and introduce a new degree of increased capabilities beyond connection. In addition to supporting sophisticated applications with increased mobility and high dependability, it will also enable AI and ML, enhancing network performance. Additionally, it will bring about significant energy and spectrum advancements.

      5G is a booming career option

      As we all know, 5G is a booming career option. And you can start 5G courses by enrolling in 5g training courses.
      5G wireless technologies will deliver the upcoming advancement in wireless technology. Connecting with a wide variety of devices, such as drones and sensors, requires using 5G technology. It offers strategies for accelerating IoT adoption, enabling businesses to increase productivity and accomplish other things. This new technology offers larger capacity, quicker speeds, and lower latency. The potential of 5G is vast, allowing advancements in several industries, including public safety, transportation, and healthcare. All these sectors will come up with millions of job opportunities

      Help to develop 5g integrated business.

      Beyond todays workplace restrictions, 5G opens up new innovation possibilities that make it possible to conceive, work, and solve old-fashioned business problems in novel ways. When examining the benefits of 5G for corporate transformation, a number of crucial common traits become apparent. It facilitates remote execution of any business process, regardless of how

      crucial, real-time control over every business process, the running of applications on the edge when suitable, and an inherently higher level of security without degrading overall performance.

      Get 5G training From Real Time Industry Experts

      With the help of our courses, a top-notch community of practitioners, analysts, educators, and solution providers has been developed, offering a reliable and impartial source of information. Develop your 5G and IoT abilities with in-depth, interactive online courses from Primebit Solutions taught by industry experts.

      Job Opportunities After 5g Certification

      Our programs foster a thorough understanding of 5G foundations, which is essential for the following telecom professional roles: 

      Product Engineering

      After completing your 5G classes, you can work as a product engineer. The goal of 5G engineers’ work is to enhance the current network, and their work has an extensive reach. Additionally, 5G engineers will plan and oversee the installation of telecom equipment and services, such as sophisticated electronic switching systems, copper wire telephone cables, fiber optic cabling, or any other internet protocol data system.This year is anticipated to introduce the first 5G business launches of products and related services. According to a forecast by Ericsson Cellular, 1 billion people will have 5G subscriptions by 2023. The fast speed of 5G technology will become a driving trend as networkers use cloud-based platforms increases.

      Research & Development

      The goal is to assist the company’s R&D heads in developing technology-driven initiatives and bidding on and completing such projects with the R&D team. In the context of the 5G network architecture, they will be the main focus areas for 5G+ convergence, especially in air interfaces and terminals.This position focuses on defining solutions or tools for Proof of Concept initiatives, working with the 5G+ standards and upcoming NTN specifications for the RAN, and directly supporting development with the R&D team. While projects will often concentrate on a particular 5G technology area, you must also keep the overall view in mind.

      Network Planning and Engineering

      Companies are looking for a 5G Core Network Engineer to design, develop, and construct communications networks for the fast expanding 5G Technology team. To support LTE and 5G cores, you will configure routers, switches, and firewalls for LAN/WAN systems and VPN concentrators with the proper network engineering and communications protocols. You will be responsible for all areas of network engineering, such as network design, performance monitoring, integration, upgrading, and troubleshooting of 5G SA and NSA cores. You collaborate with RF engineers, testing, validating, and installing parameter standards to ensure the best end-to-end network performance. To support diverse applications using the 5G network, you must collaborate with RF engineers, transport engineers, software developers, and other professionals.

      After completing 5G courses online from primebit solution, you can efficiently plan 5G networks.

      Network Testing

      Creating product validation, feature validation, systems and performance analysis, and customer review sessions for LTE RAN products with an emphasis on Air interface, E2E performance, and Call Processing are all tasks that fall within the purview of 5G Test Engineers. Implementing LTE/5G functionalities in the RRC/PDCP/RLC/MAC levels is another aspect of the work. Drafting specifications and requirements for new features based on the 3GPP, ETSI, and OpenRAN standards, preparing and improving personal LTE/ 5G networks. Establishing and updating test cases.

      Network Application

      With its enormous capacity and extremely low latency, 5G will significantly advance applications for artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) in various sectors and use cases. Customers will notice adjustments, including enhanced shopping experiences and more immersive gaming. Business value is anticipated to be produced across various sectors as businesses employ 5G as a conduit to process and analyze more data. People will have access to different work options in all these fields

      Technical Support and Services

      Candidates for the technical support position must be interpersonally talented and technically proficient. In addition to other responsibilities, technical support staff members help roll out new applications and debug technical problems. Additionally, technical support staff must write documentation, speak with clients directly, and perform other tasks that require excellent written and verbal communication.

      Technical support duties include:

      • Detecting hardware and software solutions.
      • Troubleshooting technical difficulties.
      • Identifying and fixing flaws.
      • Addressing network issues.
      • Interacting with clients to identify their problems rapidly.
      Who is this 5g training certification for ?

      These 5G courses benefit professionals in the fields of telecommunication, technology, business & management and students keen to learn about 5G technologies. Companies will operate more effectively thanks to 5 G's advantages, and consumers will have quicker access to more information. 

      Eligibility for 5g certification course?

      Freshers, RF Engineers, OSS & BSS Engineers, Optimization Engineers, O&M Engineers & Technical support Engineers who wish to shift their career into Wireless Chip Development. Prerequisites: The candidate should have basic knowledge of c programming and wireless concepts to join this telecom protocol testing course.

      FAQ's - 5g Certification Classes and Courses

      Taking 5g courses is open to anybody who wants to work in mobile wireless or who wants to improve their communication abilities. This course is available to professionals eager to understand and use 5G.

      To enroll in this telecom protocol testing course, the candidate should have a basic understanding of wireless fundamentals and c programming.

      Absolutely, yes. This training will assist you in tailoring 5G to your needs, whether you are a business professional, an experienced engineer, or anything about these.

      Yes, we do. Primebit provides a combination of instructor-led online courses and classroom instruction. You can study full-time or part-time online while interacting with Primebit professionals.

      Telecom Industry Experts

      Professionals in Systems and Networking

      Experts in business and strategy

      Technology and IT Experts

      Professionals in Product Management

      Marketing and sales experts

      Investors and analysts

      Anyone looking to improve their abilities to get better employment

      Our trainers are highly skilled specialists authorized to provide training sessions and programs. Our trainers are real-world experienced, certified, and the finest in the industry.

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