5g protocol testing course

What is 5g?

5g is the 5th generation of wireless data networks. it will improve data networks even more than 4g and 3g.

 You can feel it in your phone, your car, and in your city and town. You can download and stream videos literally without delay. 

5G does its magic with three key abilities 

  1. High bandwidth – 4g can give us only up to 200 MB speed. 5g can handle up to 1GB per second. 
  2. Low Latency – 4g takes 100 milliseconds to a response where 5g response time is as low as 1 millisecond, which makes everything happen virtually instantly. 
  3. Dense Connection – In a given square kilometers 4g can only manage to connect one-tenth of the devices as 5g can. 

5g use new radio technology. The part of any wireless device that makes the connection. 5g uses an SOE radio frequency known as SUB6.  Which ranges from 600 MHz to 6 GHz which is also used by the current 4g LTE. 

But 5g also uses higher band radio frequencies from 24GHz to as high as 86GHz. These higher frequencies help to much higher data transfer. New 5g radio waves can carry more data with higher performance. 

5g use small cells which are small versions of cellular towers. 5g also uses some new tricks in these small cells. These new tricks call as beamforming, beamforming is helpful for efficient end transmission. Hence you need a new 5g enabled device to connect with the 5G network. 

Most of us think about the phone when we think about wireless devices. But 5g will not only power up your phones but it will also power up cars, bikes, traffic signals, smart cities, homes, etc. 

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