Who We Are

Prime bit Solution Provide Best Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad. It Offer Both Online and Classroom training. Google + is important marketing social media platform to direct communicate with group of Audience. According to �Larry page Google founder� says , If a company not doing their regular post on Google + their local SEO will be affected.so if a customer is active on social media then there is a chance to get interact with them using Google + .


What We Do

We provide a complete Tutorial on Google + Marketing:

  • Importance Of Google + On Local SEO
  • How to Target Communication on Google+ Using perticular Group
  • How to Eng
  • Migration from desktop to cloud-native web applications
  • 3rd level maintenance

Goal of Course

  • Including JavaScript in a Web page
  • Using the Document Object Model (DOM) to access the HTML elements on the page dynamically
  • Using JavaScript objects effectively, including the window object and the navigator object
  • Creating and using variables
  • Using event handlers to handle user-triggered events
  • Using regular expressions with string methods to perform basic validation
  • Working with primitive data types
  • Passing arguments to a function
  • Using conditional constructs and loops
  • Debugging JavaScript code
  • Using Geolocation and Web Storage JavaScript APIs
  • Working with JSON objects
  • Using Ajax to make asynchronous calls to a Web server

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