Who We Are

Social Media Perform Important Role on Digital Marketing .Likened ,Facebook, Twitter .This are some trending Social Media Website which most people use .But Very few people know about. How to use this Social Media to Do Online Marketing .In Primebit we will provide you detail training. How to do Digital Marketing on Twitter. Following things we teach in twitter marketing training

  1. How to Create Twitter Account
  2. How to follow group on twitter
  3. How to like, and retweet on twitter
  4. How to Publish Post On twitter
  5. How to Give Paid AD on Twitter
  6. How to do Audience Insight on Twitter
  7. How to Check Bill and Payment on Twitter AD
  8. How to Generate lead and Brand Awareness on twitter
  9. How to create attractive post on Twitter using pawtoon,Canva,bannersnack


What We Do

We provide a full cycle of Digital Marketing services including:

  • We Provide Complete Tutorial about Twitter Marketing
  • We teach how to create campaign on twitter
  • How to create Twitter engagement campaign
  • How to createTwitter promotion video campaign
  • How to create Twitter Brandawarness Campaign
  • How to create Twitter Websit click and conversion campaign
  • How to create Twitter Instream video view campaign
  • How to create Twitter increase follower Campaign
  • How to create Twitter app installation Campaign
  • How to create Twitter app reenganement Campaign

Goal of Course

  • Provide Knowledge about twitter Marketing
  • Why twitter marketing is important
  • How to Use twitter for boost your business
  • Creation of Business page in twitter
  • How to create twitter page
  • Types twitter ads
  • How to create Ads in twitter page
  • Creation of events in twitter
  • Increase likes, retweet on tweeter post.
  • How to Generate Leads using tweeter Page
  • Tools used for tweeter Marketing
  • How to use sproutsocial,tTweepi,Bitly,Tagmanager on social media campaign
  • How to increase audiance on twitter

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