Web application development is one of the trending technology at present. Developers use a different kind of technologies to build the application in fastest and efficient user-friendly way. There are so many Javascript frameworks few of them are  Angular js, React Js, Ember Js, Meteor Js etc..

Vue JS is popular and trending javascript framework. This framework focuses mostly on View part which is the front end. By using Vue we can develop cross-platform Single page application (SPA). Vue can easily integrate with other language projects.

Why Vue Js?

It is easy to learn: 

This is one of the best reason to learn Vue Js is you just need to know JavaScript and HTML. Hats why this framework is most famous for all frameworks. Vue js has very simple structure because of this simple structure we can easily trace the errors.

Size : Vue js is very lightweight.

Every language or framework depends upon its size. The smaller space it consumes more efficient it will be. The size of the frame is around 16kb to 20 kb.

Virtual DOM:  

Vue tends to be very faster because it relays on Virtual DOM not directly on DOM. working with HTML DOM is easy but it is not fast compared to Virtual DOM. Other frameworks like Ember, React also uses Virtual DOM. This made the framework optimized and faster.

Data Binding: 

Vue uses two-way data binding by its MVVM architecture. It uses a DOM-based templating implementation. This feature manipulates the value of HTML attributes with the help of v-bind directive.


components are a key feature of Vue js. We can create our custom elements by components. Components can be nested inside other components and reuse throughout the application.

Vue CLI: 

The Vue CLI is very easy to get started with a webpack project. Vue can easily installed using Vue command line interface. Files can be created and managed using the single command in your terminal. Vue CLI is great for quickly scaffolding applications.


Routing in Vue is done by the vue-router concept.


It has many built-in directives like v-if, v-bind, v-model v-show etc. By these directives can perform many actions in front-end.

Computed Properties & Watchers: 

Watchers are used to taking of changing data. We can create the custom watchers. Computed properties are important because it helps to listen to the changes made in UI elements and perform according to that.

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