As the internet of things became more important for companies, professionals started searching for roles related to this fastest-growing niche. 

As a reputed Online IoT Training Institute we are going to share jobs, carrier options, and average salary in IoT. 


With the increase in the number of connected devices, IoT is ventured successfully in domains and seen rapid progression. India is quickly becoming the largest hub for IoT across the globe. As the adoption of the internet of things increases the IoT market is also expected to grow exponentially. 

Salary trends and projections:

The median salary for an IoT professional is 15.2 lakhs for all skill sets. This shows IOT pays 76% more to the IT professionals. 

IoT is a relatively new technology hence professionals in this sector ask for a higher salary. 

Salary in IoT v/s Other domains:

As we discussed IoT pays 76% more than the IT sector. And only 33% of IoT professionals have salaries below six lakh rupees per annum. Around sixty to eighty percent of IoT professionals earn 10 to 25 lakhs per annum. Five percent of people in IoT earn more than fifty lakh rupees per annum. 

Salary trends:

Salary trends by functional area:

Application Programming :

Application programming is the most paid job in India with an average of 13 lakh rupees per annum and whare in the US it is an average of $69,300 per annum. 

Engineering Design :

Engineering design pays professionals an average of approximately 12 lakh rupees PA in India and $80,000 in the US. 

System Programming :

Companies pay an average of 10 lakh rupees PA for system programmers and $72,000 in the USA. 

Embedded Technologies :

Embedded technologies pay an average of 8.2 Lakhs in India but in the US this is the highest paid job and pays an average salary of $89,000

Salary Trends By Experience :

Most of the freshers in IoT fall under the 6 lakh per annum salary bracket. Which is not a bad number for a fresher. A person with 10+ years of experience in IoT is getting more than 30 lakh rupees per annum salary.  

Companies Hiring IOT Professionals:

IoT changes the face of IT hence every IT company hiring IoT professionals nowadays. 

Some of the reputed companies who hire IoT Professionals are as follows – 

  1. Amazon 

2. Qualcomm 

3. Cisco 

4. IBM

5. Google 

6. Verizon 

7. Bosch 

8. L & T 

Emerging Jobs For IoT Professionals

Following are some emerging job profiles for IoT professionals. 

  1. Solution Architect 

2. Product Manager 

3. Industrial Data Scientists 

4. Industrial engineers 

5. Full-Stack Developer 

6. Robot Coordinator 

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