As reputed telecom training providers, we will share information about jobs, courses, salaries, and carriers in the telecom industry.

The telecom industry is one of the most prominent places to provide jobs to job seekers. Following are some profiles where you can work in the telecom industry. 

  1. Telecom Engineer 

2. System Technician 

3. SAP Analyst 

4. Server Administrator 

5. Network Engineer 

6. Programmers 

The Telecom industry offers a variety of jobs to aspiring candidates. Since the aviation department has converged with telecommunication, employment opportunities are drastically increased. The major areas in telecommunication are as follows.

  1. Optical networks 
  2. Wireless Networks 
  3. Broadband Technologies 
  4. Next-Generation Networks 

The telecommunication industry delivers telephones, Broadbands, Televisions, Cellular Phones, Mobile internet, Satellite communication and other services to the customers. 

The industry is primarily known for delivering means of communications to distantly placed peoples with the help of technology for varied purposes, like business, education, school, hospitals. 

There is hardly anybody who does not own a telephone or mobile. 

Courses Available For Telecommunications:

Universities, colleges and private institutes are providing certification courses in telecommunications. Post-graduation courses like and B.E are also available in the telecommunication field. 

Apart from college degrees, you can pursue job-oriented telecommunication courses online or offline in India. Certified telecommunication courses available in India are 

  1. Certification courses in troubleshooting and networking 
  2. Certification courses in TCP/IP and networking 
  3. Certification courses in telecommunication and networking 
  4. Certification courses in Cisco networking 

These certification courses add value as equal to graduate courses in telecommunication. 

The Salary of The Candidate

The salary of the candidate depends upon his academic qualification. Merits, training, Experience, Location of Job, responsibilities stipulated, and an employer is hiring you. 

The starting salary for freshers is about 1.8 Lakhs per annum. 

Well-known recruiters for telecommunication candidates are jio, airtel, Vodafone, tata teleservices, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, IMI mobiles etc. 

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