How telecom certification from prime bit solutions will help?

Telecom is the most essential and very important part of modern technology. This is why getting certification in telecom will help professionals brilliantly. The telecom sector has become very popular since digitization has advanced. 

How long is the certification program length?

The average length of all telecom courses at prime bit solutions is 90 hours. 

Will I get the certificate? And is it really valuable?

Prime bit Solutions offers you a certificate after the compilation of the courses. The certificate offered by prime bit solutions is internationally recognized and it will also help you to get a job in any multinational telecom company. 

What are the telecom courses offered by prime bit solutions?

We offer a range of telecom courses. The list of telecom courses is as follows. 

5G protocol testing 

5G protocol development 

Advance level protocol development 

Advance level protocol testing 

Bluetooth protocol development 

Bluetooth protocol testing 

Master-level protocol testing 

Master-level protocol development 

Is this telecom available all over the world?

Yes, prime bit solutions offer telecom training all over the world. We offer online training all over the world through our specially designed online system. 

What are the payment methods available for telecom courses at prime bit Solutions?

Local students can pay using a card, UPI or cash, or cheque. Overseas students can pay using VISA, American Express, or other forms of payment supported by PayPal.

Can I enroll in multiple telecom courses at a time?

Yes, you can enroll in multiple telecom courses at a time. You can choose multiple courses from our 10+ different telecom courses. 

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay in installments. If you want to pay your fees in installments then contact our team first for more information. 

How do I get my certificate of compilation?

Once you complete all the modules in the course our team will offer you a certificate of compilation. 

Do you have any group discounts?

Yes, we have a discount for groups. Please contact us to know more about a group discount.

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