The Internet of things is booming technology and it’s slowly changing the world. But if you are not sure about what is IoT and why you should learn IoT then here is the overview. 

IoT or internet of things is any internet-enabled device or machine other than computer and mobile phones. These devices have some computational power with intelligence.

 Technology is growing rapidly than before hence requirements for IoT professionals are also growing day by day. The average salary for IoT professionals is more than $100K and in some companies, the salary is double than this. 

At prime bit solutions, we offer comprehensive training in IoT. With this knowledge you can build your real world projects on the internet of things.

Top 3 Courses offered by primebit solutions 

Without wasting your time, here is the list of IoT courses offered by primebit solutions. You can join this online internet of things courses by sitting at your home or office. 

Advanced Diploma in IoT Training –

This is one of the best courses to learn IoT online. The course as the name says it’s a comprehensive program which gives you basic to advanced knowledge of the internet of things. 

  • What you will learn IoT real-time project using Arduino
  • IoT Training using Raspberry Pi
  • IoT Protocol Suite & Its Connectivity

And much more …

You will learn the different hardware that IoT devices use such as sensors, Arduino is the name of a few. You will build many live projects throughout the course. 

IoT With Raspberry Pi

Another very useful and career-oriented IoT certification course offered by primebit solutions is IoT with Raspberry Pi.

You can learn advanced skills of IoT in this course. The syllabus of this course includes an overview of IoT, Setting up IoT workflow, Advanced embedded C programming, microcontroller programming using Arduino. Development of IoT applications and much more. 

What you will learn 

  • Microcontroller Programming 
  • Development of real-life IoT application 
  • Performance and Security in IoT

IoT Security Training 

Away from the design and development of IoT projects this course will help you to learn the most important aspect of the industry which is security. This job-oriented course offers you advanced knowledge of IoT security. 

You will start with the introduction of IoT and how it operates and the increase of IoT. Then you will learn security issues and how to detect and solve them using various tools. 

What you will learn 

  • Introduction of IoT 
  • What are embedded devices 
  • Security issues of IoT devices 
  • Various tools and technologies

That’s all about the top three online IoT courses offered by primebit solutions. If you found these courses useful then please share them with your friends or colleagues. You can explore more courses by visiting the official website of primebit solutions. Contact us now to book your demo session today. 

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