LTE protocol testing courses

With the advancement in the telecommunication industry, the requirement for telecom professionals has increased drastically. The Telecom industry offers stable and high-paying jobs for those interested in computer programming, analytics, and IT. In this article, we will cover some careers options in telecommunications with salary.

Following are the top five carrier options in telecommunications with average salary

VoIP Engineer

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. VoIP engineers work with telecom organizations to design, maintain and test voice over internet protocol systems. This system is designed to make phone calls using an internet connection instead of traditional phone connections. These systems may be local or international. To become a VoIP engineer, you should gain knowledge of computer science, VoIP software’s, and various information technologies.

Average Salary As Per Indeed – $122,000 Per Year

Telecommunication Engineer

Telecommunication engineers specialized in different areas of the telecommunications field. Some engineers may work on hardware, cable route, and other design software and hardware. You can become a telecommunication engineer by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication or computer science. You can also peruse certification courses in telecommunication.

Average Salary As Per Indeed – $97,000 Per Year

System Manager

The primary role of system managers is to analyze and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s systems. The carry performance analysis, system maintenance schedule, and troubleshooting. System managers help to keep the system updated.

Average Salary As Per Indeed – $88,000 Per Year

Computer Programmer

The primary duty of a computer programmer is to design, test, and implement computer software’s or programs using languages like C, C++, JS, etc. These programs are used to manage data, automate the workforce or create a custom interface. 

To work as a computer programmer, you have to pursue a minimum bachelor’s degree in computer science and relevant field. 

Average Salary As Per Indeed – $48,000 Per Year

Data Analyst  

The primary role of a data analyst in the organization is to gather and analyze a large amount of data to find better solutions to reach the company’s goal. They also use and integrate softwares to increase efficiency. The minimum qualification to become a data analyst is a bachelor’s degree in computer science and statistics or a relevant field.

Average Salary As Per Indeed – $75,000 Per Year

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