There are a lot of controller boards available that we can use for our projects. Arduino and Raspberry pi is the most popular among them. 

Arduino is based on the ATmega family and has a relatively simple design and software structure. Raspberry Pi, basically is a single-board computer. Both of them have a CPU that executes the instructions, timers, memory, and I/O pins. The key distinction between the two is that Arduino tends to have a strong I/O capability which drives external hardware directly. Whereas Raspberry Pi has a weak I/O which requires transistors to drive the hardware.

Let’s see the difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi:-

S No.ArduinoRaspberry Pi
1.The Control unit of Arduino is from the Atmega family.While the control unit of Raspberry Pi is from the ARM family.
2.Arduino is based on a microcontroller.While Raspberry Pi is based on a microprocessor.
3.It is designed to control the electrical components connected to the circuit board in a system.While Raspberry Pi computes data and produces valuable outputs, and controls components in a system based on the outcome of its computation.
4.Arduino boards have a simple hardware and software structure.While Raspberry Pi boards have a complex architecture of hardware and software.
5.CPU architecture: 8 bit.CPU architecture: 64 bit.
6.It uses very little RAM, 2 kB.While Raspberry Pi requires more RAM, 1 GB.
7.It clocks a processing speed of 16 MHz.While Raspberry Pi clocks a processing speed of 1.4 GHz.
8.It is cheaper in cost.While Raspberry Pi is expensive.
9.It has a higher I/O current drive strength.While Raspberry Pi has a lower I/O current drive strength.
10.It consumes about 200 MW of power.While it consumes about 700 MW of power.

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