Top 10 Frequently Asked Question About IoT Training

Eligibility to join IoT certification at Prime bit Solutions? Anyone with technical background can join IoT certification courses at primebit solutions.  Generally, students from CS, IT, Electrical, Telecommunication, Electronics, or any branch can join courses.  What is the duration of IoT Courses at Prime bit […]

Careers in telecom industry

In this blog I am going to share information about career options in telecommunications.  Telecommunication has brought the world very close, so much that in a minute we can establish an audiovisual contact with a person sitting several kilometres away from us. Someone has rightly […]

10 Most Demanding Skills in IoT

According to experts, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the next industrial revolution. It will enable a new category of devices to communicate with each other with little or no human intervention. IoT was at its peak in 2015 as more connected devices proliferated – […]